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It hits you as you turn into White Hart Lane. Looming over the houses and high rises, the new stadium that you’ve seen so many pictures and videos of is suddenly there, dominating the North London skyline.

So modern and imposing is our new home, so impressive is the speed with which it has risen, that it feels as if a spaceship has just landed on the High Street.

I took a walk around the outside the other day and a few things struck me immediately. Firstly, progress appears good, with work going on constantly. Completed areas of the mostly glass frontage are aesthetically very impressive.

Then there is the single-tier “kop-end” which curls around the pitch intimidatingly like Juve’s Curva Sud and climbs into the sky like Borrusia Dorumund’s Yellow Wall. Sat (uhum..) in there, the Tottenham boys (and girls) really will be making all the noise.

It’s not just that stand either. What those pictures and videos posted by the club do not, can not, accurately demonstrate is quite how steep the stadium is going to be. This means that while the stadium is huge, there is not going to be that gaping distance between players and fans, something the London Stadium clearly suffers from. Everything will still be enclosed and the fans will be right on top of the action.

You cannot help but walk away from this development without feeling like ours is a club going somewhere. Yes, we want to keep a team to match this fantastic stadium with all the financial requirements that brings, but this is going to be a home fit for a top side.

Looking at the new White Hart Lane it’s hard to imagine why any player would not want to buy into this project. I am not so naive as to the think that the likes of Toby Alderweireld and Danny Rose get the same tingle up the spine as I did on my walk around, but surely they must feel something?

After that amazing win at Stamford Bridge and the gutsy victory against Stoke, it is in our hands to bring Champions League football to the new stadium and maybe an FA Cup too. Some silverware would certainly be befitting of our grand new home. If the players can get behind that vision too, the future is looking very bright indeed for us.

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